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Thinking the Landscape

A landscape holds a special feeling in itself. It holds memories of different spaces and time that feels almost motionless. In the present moment imagination merge with present and connect these feelings into a landscape. A landscape becomes not just physical but embodies my memories, experience and identity.
I compose imaginary landscapes of the real ones that I experienced, read, heard about or accidentally saw a picture of. These random bits and pieces that I collect of these landscapes correspond my memories of real landscapes and visions of non existent ones and help me express my subjective worldview. All the pieces are picked intuitively, but composed consciously. The experience of a landscape unfolds in many different forms and layers. I experience, see and read about it, hear the landscape itself and about it. All the different ways of approaching the landscape allows me to get more information about it and use all of it for inspiration either it was a sound or an image.


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