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Distant Proximity

“Distant Proximity” is a series of works that talk about the feelings and experiences caused by the emigration process. Landscape and still life genres are fluid in its’ narrative of distance, estrangement and proximity. These landscapes were created based on the pictures sent through social media by the relatives, living in other cities or foreign countries. The fact of not experiencing the landscape with relatives, not being together with them, while interpreting the view originally saw by them creates the monochrome colors and melancholic feeling. These landscapes reflect their everyday life. Imagination of mine frees the pictures of landscapes from stagnation and revives them for a new life in my reality. The two realities, mine and my relatives’, become in to one. While creating these landscapes, I contemplated about my family members and the time spent together with them. The memories of the past started to come back to me in motives that I noticed in my environment. I started to paint still life paintings that represent the people from my family. The door with dates written on it marking the height of a person, a writing above the door “+K+M+B”, an aloe vera plant on the windowsill – all of these still lifes represents the time and space I spent with them.


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